Stacey is a mentor, coach and friend. Through her program I was able to prioritize and align my goals with my financial habits. By automating what used to be the most emotionally grueling aspects of my financial responsibilities - paying off debt, budgeting my income and saving for the future - I earned freedom and piece of mind knowing that I am always on track towards my goals. In addition, her experience with budgets of all kinds helped me to acknowledge spending categories that were important to me were valuable and develop a mature healthy relationship with money. Now I can say that I am well on my way to achieving my goals: being debt free, paying for my private pilot’s license and saving for a home.
— Katie Macias, Data Engineering Manager
Stacey was instrumental in building Rootstock Partners, the predecessor to Full Stack Finance. She possesses grit, determination, brains, great juggling abilities, problem-solving expertise, and, of course, extensive knowledge in all things startup finance & accounting. In “startupland”, it’s important to be able to get into the weeds one moment and zoom out to 30,000 feet the next and Stacey can do this in spades. Highly recommended!
— Jordan Posell, Co-Founder Managing Partner, Fullstack Finance
Stacey is a proven leader who impressed me with her passion, grit, and integrity. In particular, her focus on creating an inclusive culture and her drive for self-improvement stood out. I look forward to her continued success and expect great things from her!
— Nick Chakalos, SVP Global Business Development, VideoAmp
I was a client of Stacey’s when she was at FullStack Finance. I was impressed not just with her financial acumen, but her ability to help problem solve in creative ways. We had some challenges as we migrated from one system to another, and Stacey was able to identify a really clever way to make it work without losing prior data. Not only was her work was always top-notch, she also has the best can-do attitude and the skills to boot. She was such a tremendous asset to our team at ZON and I’m grateful that she was our financial go-to.
— Karina Fedasz, COO Zon, CFO Machinima
Stacey is thorough with her work and has a strong work ethic. She helped us get through the earliest stages of VideoAmp and set the platform for our growth by building processes and procedures to keep the finances flowing. I would definitely work with her again.
— Dave Gullo, CTO & Co-Founder, VideoAmp

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