Testimonials For One To One Coaching

“I’m not a person who writes testimonials. However, meeting Stacey has been a life-changing experience. I first met her at this Financial Wellness workshop that she hosted at WMN space earlier this year. From the moment I met her, I got hooked. Not only she is super knowledgeable about finances, but she is also super friendly. Stacey has a real interest in helping everyone to feel empowered by their own finances. My only regret: I wished I could have met her sooner! But, never is too late, and thanks to her advice, I have been able to accomplish financial achievements that just a few months ago, I’d have never imagined possible. Seriously, call her! She is THE BEST. “
— Shirley Monge, Communication Manager
Stacey is a mentor, coach and friend. Through her program I was able to prioritize and align my goals with my financial habits. By automating what used to be the most emotionally grueling aspects of my financial responsibilities - paying off debt, budgeting my income and saving for the future - I earned freedom and piece of mind knowing that I am always on track towards my goals. In addition, her experience with budgets of all kinds helped me to acknowledge spending categories that were important to me were valuable and develop a mature healthy relationship with money. Now I can say that I am well on my way to achieving my goals: being debt free, paying for my private pilot’s license and saving for a home.
— Katie Macias, Data Engineering Manager

For free 30 minutes coaching, connect with me at (424)291-2107.


Personal Finance Coaching Programs


We can customize coaching session to achieve your goals.

We typically structure our one to one coaching in 3 packages for individual financial wellness:

Financial Mindset Package A:  Initial Step

We will work together and focus on a single financial issue.   Over two sessions, we develop a plan to resolve it.

Financial Mindset Package B:  Financial Evolution

We will work together to shift your financial mindset to a new level. We will work together once a week, over 8 weeks to develop your financial goals and create action steps to achieve those goals.

We are there every step of the way motivating you and providing accountability in your journey.

Financial Mindset Package C:  Financial Evolution + On Track

On top of the Financial Evolution Program, we will have 3 additional sessions for added accountability and follow-through, to help you stay on track.


A sample list of the problems we can solve are:

  • reduce credit card debt
  • eliminate student loan debt
  • negotiate unnecessary credit card fees
  • where to park your savings
  • how to buy a house
  • start saving for retirement
  • how to read your credit report
  • improve your credit score
  • understanding different investment vehicles
  • stop living paycheck to paycheck