Millennials say anxiety about money is literally making them sick.
— MarketWatch

Corporate Wellness

Solve Your Finances partners with Human Resource and Finance leaders who want to stand out in a competitive talent landscape and contribute to their employee's well-being.

We provide tailored content in the following format to fit your Company's overall benefit package.

  • financial literacy classes

  • workshops

  • games

This employee benefit can ultimately increase retention rates and result in productivity gains as we address and reduce your employees stress and anxiety about money.


Nearly a year after having taken “Stacey’s financial Bootcamp” course I can breathe a little easier.

After taking your course I was able to call my creditors and negotiate a lower interest rate (which they quickly agreed to!). I can finally jump for joy because I have now paid off two of my credit cards, have consistently been putting money toward my savings and 403b, and am down to my last two 0% APR credit card and car payment!

I get so excited to tell people about my experience and how amazing it feels to know that I have paid off over $11,000 in credit card debt in only 9 months!

Stacey you were right, talking about your finances is healthy and I find it ultimately helpful.

You have helped me so much!
— Cecilia, Teacher

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